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  • Licensed eyewear professionals: we have our own lab
  • Industrial clients only
  • Lenses made to doctor's written current Rx
  • Lens material: glass, CR-39 plastic and ploycarbonate
  • Lens types: single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive multifocal, computer (access) bifocal, occupational double segments, guadrifocal
  • Lens colors: white (clear), rose, green, gray, photogray and transitions
  • Frames: Over 50 stylish frames in 10 price ranges. 1/3 to 1/2 below cost of comparable street wear styles
  • Sideshields: fixed or removable
  • Frames, lenses, and sideshields: meet ANSI Z87.2 industrial standard
  • Guidelines: customized for jobsite safety and cost control
  • Invoicing: customized and itemized
  • Order/dispensing: on-site or off-site at any of 15 bay area locations
  • Industrial pricing only (no retail)

We make and fit prescription safety eyewear your employee's will happily wear.

after discussion with you, we construct company guidelines which not only insure job-site safety, but employee acceptance at the lowest possible cost.

The guidelines are written in straightforward language to make it easy for your staff to implement and your employees to understand.

If you want an Rx eye-safety program effective for employee safety and satisfaction, with low maintenance input from your staff, and with controlled costs, please allow us to discuss your eye-hazard exposure with your responsible safety officer.

Prescription Safety Eyewear
Order/Dispensing Service On-Site and/or Off Site

  • Time, date and location to be established at least one week in advanced. Longer lead-time is better
  • Employees must present current written doctor's Rx
  • Our representative will display over 50 stylish safety frames (Z87.1) for selection by style, color and size
  • We take necessary measurements for optical accuracy and proper fitting
  • The eyewear is made and returned for fitting
  • Dispensing Fee schedule: one (1) hour minimum, 7 people minimum $11 per person,
    or $77 minimum flat charge if less than 7 Rx's ordered.
    Flat fee schedule beyond 1 hour available

  • Employee must make an appointment at the office selected, and bring his/her current written doctor's prescription
  • If an eye examination is required, it can be performed at any of these offices. A separate arrangement must be made for this.
  • Frame selection procedure is the same as described in the On-Sate order/dispensing above
  • Doctor's office order/dispensing fee schedule:
    $20 per person - single vision, bifocal, trifocal lenses
    $35 per person - progressive multifocal, occupational segs
  • Above includes two visits - one for ordering, the 2nd for verification and fitting
  • Doctor's order / dispensing fee will be itemized separately on Defensor's invoice to the company for the safety eyewear. The money is fully reimbursed to the doctor's monthly bill for this order / dispensing service.

SCBA Rx Lenses

Industrial Prescription Safety lenses for spectacle kits mounted in "SELF-CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS" (SCBA) masks

Prescription lenses, which meet ANSI Z87.2 standard for industrial use, mounted into your spectacle kit and returned to you complete, are available as follows:

  • Single vision lenses: clear poly, no tint, to PD supplied, or 1mm in decentered - $ 100.00
  • Bifocal lenses; flat top - 25mm wide seg: clear poly, no tint, seg ht., placed 1mm below center, to PD supplied or 1 - 1 1/2mm decentered. - $ 125.00
  • Frame front for kit (if applicable) - $ 33.00

Note: Current prescription & PD (pupilary distance) supplied by employee's doctor. Spectacle kit provide by you.

An individuals Rx: Please consider & review the distance in inches one would be expected to see clearly while using your SCBA equipment. Would the 20 to 40 inch mid-range be adequate if conditions (smokey, fumes, etc.) were less than optimal? Reason is people can ask their optometrist for a single vision Rx designed for 20 - 40 inch mid-range sweet spot. Bifocal & no-line progressive lenses require more sophisticated measurements to work correctly in a SCBA enviroment.

Some of the kits supplied by SCBA manufacturers DO NOT include a front for mounting the lenses. If this is the case with your units, we provide a front for mounting into your kit. The cost for this front is $33.00. You can determine if this applies by examining your spectacle kits.

We have been providing this service for years and each department handles orders differently. To avoid problems on individual orders, please include a check for the exact amount shown on this price sheet. We also accept purchase orders and/or credit cards per our usual sales terms. In either case please include the employee's prescription.

Pricing Example Total Cost
Single vision lenses - you supply front $100.00
Single vision lenses - Defensor supplies front $158.00
Bifocal lenses - you supply front $125.00
Bifocal lenses - Defensor supplies front $181.00

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